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No One Read

2009-06-28 05:01:55 by Xatanxa

You cant Post :D



2009-04-12 11:03:47 by Xatanxa

A collaberation ain't going to happen he hates me, and I sent this message from my iPod touch xD


2009-03-24 15:49:06 by Xatanxa

I think i may be able to work with Alieanninja Again after some time, as we have settled our issues, which i cant realy say... But Hopefully you can all avoid Newgrounds on the day we release some stuff!



2009-02-18 12:41:04 by Xatanxa

Although i greatly doubt this will be read i have some animations/Games planned.

The First on my list is Unkown Chapter 1. This is a flash game. Im not releasing any details on this. But hopefully this will be spread into 5 or More chapters. Edit: There has been a name change of this project. The Underground Tombs.

The Second i have planned is Portal Shorts 3 : A Cubes Revenge. I will not be releasing any information on this either. So you will just have to wait and see.


2009-02-15 12:48:32 by Xatanxa

Random + Random^(Random) * Random^(3) = Mega Randomness... I think.


2008-09-21 13:21:34 by Xatanxa

Dragon Attack?


Memories of War

2008-06-28 19:01:38 by Xatanxa

Im working on a new animation " Memories of war " ( If your reading this Eredar which i doubt u will the names changed happy?)

The animation is in preduction and hopefully will be finished soon.

Portal Shorts

2008-04-19 19:36:49 by Xatanxa

Portal Shorts 2 is Now out and Veiwable Hope you Enjoy

Recently Made a Short animation

2008-04-17 17:09:10 by Xatanxa

Portal Shorts Episode 1, Im hopin to make this a series. I will make it better and i hope people enjoy it.


2007-12-17 13:55:32 by Xatanxa

I am planning on making some animations i will update as i go